The Board of Directors is called upon to approve proposals from the Scientific Council and to validate the administrative and financial reports of the Center. It is also responsible for endorsing the various strategies and approving the new administrative and scientific decisions taken at the level of the general management.

Chief Executive Officer: Mongi BOUAICHA

The Directorate General is the interface through which all information between the ministry and the various administrative and scientific structures of the CRTEn passes. Its mission is to plan the general orientations of the center and to seek to realize them. It gives an opinion on all scientific and / or administrative initiatives with the assistance of the scientific council and the board of directors. It also has the role of ensuring the implementation of the scientific and administrative recommendations emanating from the parent ministry, in close collaboration with the scientific council and the research laboratories.

It is responsible for drafting the scientific and administrative report of the Center at the end of each year. One of its fundamental roles is to improve the visibility of the Center through the dissemination of research results via the Center's website and participation in various national and international events.

It is also called upon to establish scientific and technological relations with academic institutions and companies active in the field of energy. She is also responsible for the administrative and financial aspects of the institution.

Secretary General : Sadek Esabri

The Secretary General shall assist the Director General in all matters relating to the administrative and financial affairs of the Center. All administrative and financial personnel operate under its authority.